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Company History

TNT Auto Rental TNT is a small, local rental car company located in the Forum, next to Innsbrook. Our sole purpose is to provide excellent customer service to the fullest extent possible. We deliver the rental cars to our primarily corporate clients, pick them up when the clients are finished, and make sure the vehicles are spic-and-span clean and are not needing wiper fluid or any other fluids. Then we continue to go the extra mile. Locked your keys in the car- and it’s running? And it’s Sunday? Someone from TNT will be right out to help you. Need air in a tire because of that nail in the parking lot, but you’ve got a big meeting to get to? Be right there. And TNT never charges extra for these services.

TNT’s delivery and pick-up service is a great benefit for companies to take advantage of. Several major corporate offices gave TNT a try for a temporary period and now are still customers today.

We dispel the lack of service in today’s world. We bring the little things to the table, and be accountable and accessible. Showing kindness and caring for someone coming in because we want people to remember us for how they were treated. TNT believes that treating people with dignity and respect pays dividends and will create success.